Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Never Alone

Standing on this mountaintop
Looking just how far we've come
Knowing that for every step
You were with us

Kneeling on this battle ground
Seeing just how much You've done
Knowing every victory
Is Your power in us

Scars and struggles on the way
But with joy our hearts can say
Yes, our hearts can say

Never once did we ever walk alone
Never once did You leave us on our own
You are faithful, God, You are faithful
"Never Once" by Matt Redman

Yesterday morning as I drove to work, I cranked the volume on the praise & worship music.  My best times with God are in my 20 minute drive to work...just me & Him.  The above song began to play.  Have you heard it?  Powerful stuff.  Our worship team at Victory ChurchWarr Acres, sings it often.  

I love it.  

Even though I've heard it and sung it many times, yesterday it just really REALLY sunk in. As I listened to the words and thought of all of the valleys & battles I've fought, tears began to roll down my cheeks.  My heavenly Father began to give me pictures of those moments and how He was with me every single time.  It was by His strength & His power, not my own, that I was able to not only make it during those difficult times, but be victorious! Do I have scars? Oh, absolutely, but I now see my scars as reminders of His faithfulness.  When I face another trial, which I will, I will be able to look back and know He is always with me & will carry me through this one too.

I am exceedingly grateful for the grace He has extended to me.  My heart just feels as if it will explode sometimes when I look back and see what He has done in my life & what He continues to do. Do you know that feeling?


Are you in a valley today?  Do you feel alone?  

I want to encourage you to take a few minutes today, put on this song if you need to, & ask God to show you pictures of how He has been there even in the most difficult moments of your life.  Our God is faithful.  He loves you SO much.  He has promised to never let us walk alone...NEVER!

"Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the Lord your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you."
Deuteronomy 31:6 (NIV)

Friday, May 4, 2012

Stop Comparing & Be You!

Romans 12:4-6 (MSG)
In this way we are like the various parts of a human body. Each part gets its meaning from the body as a whole, not the other way around. The body we're talking about is Christ's body of chosen people. Each of us finds our meaning and function as a part of his body. But as a chopped-off finger or cut-off toe we wouldn't amount to much, would we? So since we find ourselves fashioned into all these excellently formed and marvelously functioning parts in Christ's body, let's just go ahead and be what we were made to be, without enviously or pridefully comparing ourselves with each other, or trying to be something we aren't.
A few days ago during my quiet time I read this passage of scripture and it really jumped off the page to me.  I've read this passage many times before, but never in The Message version.   I love the entire chapter of Romans 12, but I want to focus on these few verses in this post today.

What is my purpose?  I believe that is the question we have all asked at some point in time.  In working with women, I hear it often.  I too have asked this question many times.  I think we far too often compare our purpose with someone else's thus feeling envious and inadequate. We spend way too much time trying to be someone who we aren't. We seem to constantly be striving to pursue someone else's gifts instead of seeing the beauty in what He has uniquely gifted us with.

I believe the enemy loves to spend his time trying to cause us to look at someone else, to long for what they have, or to enter a constant pursuit of trying to one-up them.  He does this so that we will be distracted & not fulfill the specific purpose that God has created us uniquely for. He also does this to cause division in the body. 

Like it says in this passage, we are all apart of the body.  We each play an important role.  By playing our part, we find fulfillment and meaning by being who we are created to be.  But, when we spend of all of our time longing to be someone else, we find ourselves disillusioned, bitter, jealous and unfulfilled. 

I heard Pastor David Crank say this past weekend that we are each given a unique thumbprint which in turn makes a unique imprint.  Quit comparing.  You are a major part of the puzzle.  You are an important piece. Be you!

Monday, April 30, 2012

Hello...It's Been Awhile!

Hello friends!  My blog has been severely neglected the last 6 months.  We moved to Oklahoma City in October to be the Campus Pastor's at Victory Church OKC and to say it has been crazy has been an understatement.  It has been a wild ride, but such an amazing one!!  There is nothing like being smack dab in the middle of God's will.  We LOVE LOVE LOVE it here & I'm absolutely blown away at what God is doing.  He is so faithful. 

I just returned from an incredible weekend at Pink Impact at Gateway Church in Southlake, TX and while I was there God reminded me about this blog.  So, I'm back!  I don't have much time today, but I've made a commitment to myself and Him that I will be more faithful to writing.  I look forward to sharing with you what God has been doing in our lives, as well as anything He lays upon my heart to share. 

Talk to you soon!! Much love.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Do Not Worry

Earlier this year I attended Pink Impact at Gateway Church in Southlake, TX with my mom, my dear friend & her mother in law.  It was a 4 day getaway for me to just be & receive. I needed it desperately, because it was just a few months prior that Mel told me that he knew that he knew that the Lord would be transitioning us soon to more of a lead pastor role.  As you know by my previous post, I was a little resistant at first. :)  I was doing my best to trust that Mel had heard from God and even though I knew in my spirit that he had...I was just consumed with worry.  

I was worried about where the Lord would move us. I was worried about when He would move us.  I was worried about making the wrong decision. I was worried about moving my girls to a different school. I was worried about leaving the people we had grown to love so much here in Enid. I was worried about finances.  I was WORRIED. You get the picture. 

During one of the sessions of the conference there was a prophetic ministry time.  Many ladies were called out & received specific words for their lives.  I so badly wanted to be called out, because I was desperately seeking direction & confirmation.  They never called on me, but at the close of the session they passed out a pink envelope to each woman present.  Inside the envelope was a note...each one was different & prayed over by the Pink team.  They prayed that the woman who needed to receive that specific envelope would receive it.  Now, I know I'm a Pastor's wife & I fully believe in prophecy, but I have to be honest, I was skeptical.  I wasn't sure that my note would apply to me but, here it is...  

It couldn't have been more accurate for where I was at during that time. It's a verse I've heard a thousand times & I had been reading over and over and over again.  But, when I opened that envelope and read it at the conference...it came alive to me.   

You see, God knew exactly where I was at and made it very clear to me that He had it all under control.  That weekend I released my worry to Him & just like the note says to do...I began to believe it, receive it & live it.  I put this note next to my desk at home where I would see it daily.  Over the months & weeks to come whenever a moment of worry would arise I would go back to this note & remember that the Lord was guiding our every step.  Looking back over the past few months, I'm amazed at what He has done & how He has taken care of every little detail.  He has truly ordered our steps!

So, friend, if you are struggling with worry today...take the above note as your own.  It is a promise for all who believe.  Seek Him, give your worry to Him, trust Him...He's got it under control.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Masengale's Have News!

NO, I am NOT pregnant! :)

Our family is actually moving to OKC to be Campus Pastors of the main campus in OKC (or Warr Acres) of Victory Church!  This decision has come after MUCH prayer, fasting (and tears).

Back in January of this year Mel & I did a 21 day fast to pray for our family, church, etc.  During that time Mel came to me and told me that the Lord had spoke to him very clearly that He was calling him to more of a lead pastor role.  I'd like to say that I received that news well, but I'll be honest...I was a little stubborn and initially resisted that news.  We had really settled into life here & I had gotten very comfortable in my role here in Enid. The people here have become some of our dearest friends and more importantly...family.  The most difficult part of ministry for me is getting attached to people & then having to leave.  I also REALLY hate moving!!

We had our women's conference, Illuminate, shortly after the fast and God used Lisa Bevere and several others to speak into my life. As months went on various people who had no clue what the Lord had spoken to us prophesied over us or shared dreams that God had given them for us.  They were all about a soon coming transition for us....just confirmations of what the Lord had spoken to Mel. The more I sought God, the more I had a peace that He was indeed transitioning us elsewhere.

Years ago I prayed that the Lord would be in the drivers seat of our lives, our family, our marriage and our ministry.  I prayed that He would take us on a Wild Ride.  Well, He has answered that prayer and has led us on many adventures.  We've done our best to submit to His will & authority in our lives.  After all, He is the one who has called us.  Believe me, it's not always been easy & we have had many occasions where we weren't obedient, but out of those seasons we've learned that He knows what is best for us, our girls, the people we are leaving, as well as the people we are going to.  I believe that the last 12 years and the twists and turns that have come with it have prepared us for this very moment.

Leaving our church family here in Enid is one of the hardest things we've ever had to do.  This morning our Pastor made the announcement to the congregation and I thought I could be strong, but I immediately had tears flood my eyes.  The past 2 1/2 years have been amazing.  The people here have loved on us, embraced us and more importantly they've loved our girls.  If any of you are reading this, we want you to know that we love all of you SO much and you will forever be in our hearts and prayers. I've loved every moment of leading the women of PINK. We thank you for the opportunity to serve you & allowing us to be a part of your lives.  I have so many more thoughts I want to say to those of you from EFA, but it will come in a later post.  This definitely isn't goodbye...just see you later. :)

Our last service at EFA is Sunday, October 9th.  Mel will start at Victory on Monday, October 10th.  But, we won't move till the end of October due to having to pay a full months rent here.  Keep us in your prayers as we look for a house to lease.  And, if you'd like to pray specifics...we would prefer a home that would be in the Mustang Valley Elementary area so that our girls can go to the school that Mel's sister teaches in. Most of all, we want to be where the Lord wants us (we just hope it's there in that area :))  Pray for me as you know, I REALLY HATE packing!!

We are so so sad to leave EFA, but so excited to meet our new church family of Victory OKC.  We are looking forward to serving the vision of Pastors Mark & Jennifer Crow and serving alongside of our friends, Adam & Kristy Starling.  I'm also really looking forward to serving the vision of Barb Swanson & Victory Women.  In a post later this week I'll share how this position came available to us, as it is most definitely a God story.  It's a story of His faithfulness & how He proves to us that we are on His mind.

Until then...

All my love,

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Resolution Revolution Book Club


Yesterday morning I was sipping my coffee and catching up on tweets on Twitter {you know, doing the important stuff}.  A tweet popped up from Priscilla Shirer that caught my eye.  She was announcing her Resolution Revolution Book Club & it was starting in 10 minutes.  I really had no clue what it was about, but I knew if Priscilla was doing it, then I wanted to be a part of it. 

Side note: If you've never participated in one of Priscilla's Bible Studies, heard her speak or read her books...let me tell you, you are missing out! The first time I heard her I thought "oh my word! she is me, I am her"...she read my mail.  I identify with so many things she says {I'm convinced we are soul sisters}. She is a Bible teacher, a mom, a wife...she is the real deal!

Okay now that you know my thoughts about Priscilla, back to the Book Club! I quickly visited her site goingbeyond.com to read up on what this book club was all about, downloaded the book "The Resolution for Women" from Amazon to my iPad and hopped on the first live video chat.  You can watch it on her blog here.  I'm really excited about this and I think you will be too after watching!!

This book club is 14 weeks long & we are starting the 1st section this week called "Surprisingly Satisfied".  Priscilla states in the introduction "This book isn't for pleasure reading. In fact, some of it may not be very pleasurable at all" and after reading the first segment today...wow, she is right!  It hurts a little, but I'm okay with that.  My greatest desire is to live my life well, to make it count, to be all that God has designed me to be & in order to do that I have to allow for some necessary pruning to be done in my heart & life.

Girls, I'd love for you all to join me in this book club.  I'd love to share with one another during the next 14 weeks what God is speaking to each of our hearts through this book.

Get your book today to get started!  (If you live in Enid...Ruth's carries it). The next LIVE chat with Priscilla is Thursday, September 22nd @ 10am CST at goingbeyond.com

Here is the memory verse she gave us for this week:

1 Samuel 12:16 (NIV)

 16 “Now then, stand still and see this great thing the LORD is about to do before your eyes!"

I am excited to see the AMAZING things that God is going to do over the coming weeks. My heart is expectant!! I hope you will join me! If you plan on participating, let me know by commenting below!

With Love,

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Mini-Makeover Challenge

For all of you Pastors, Pastor's Wives & Women in Ministry out there, this is a very cool opportunity to bless a family in your community with a $2500 mini-makeover for their home! Leading & Loving It is teaming up with Extreme Makeover: Home Edition for this Mini Makeover Challenge!
You have until Monday, September 19, 2011 noon PST to submit your idea & profile of the family you want to help.
For those of you here in Enid, I would love to see PINK {Enid First Women} be the ones to win this for a family here locally! For over a year now we have been dreaming of an opportunity to be able to make a home makeover happen for someone in need & I believe this could be it!! Let's seize this opportunity so that we can BE THE LOVE to a family in our community.